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Beaded Foam Ornaments

I have a guest blogger today. Many of us have made have made beaded ornaments but if you don't remember or never have, M. J. Joachim provides instructions on how to create these beautiful jewels.

M. J. Joachim is my go-to person when it comes to blogging. She is a prolific writer with several blogs. She has an incredible blog where she shares detailed instructions on making beautiful crocheted items from patterns she creates herself. She is very talented and you can see her work on Lots of Crochet Stitches.  On a more serious side, Effectively Human speaks to the human spirit. See her other blogs at the bottom.

How to make beaded foam ornaments by M. J. Joachim

Almost everyone loves a pretty tree, all decked out in lights and ornaments for Christmas. Handmade decorations enhance lots of memories, not only because they are unique and original, but also because of shared friendship when people work together. Beaded foam ornaments are inexpensive too. The beautiful effect is limited only by individual imagination and creativity.

Beaded Foam Ball Ornament

At your local craft store, purchase some Styrofoam balls, some beads. straight pins, and floral wire. Insert a long strip of the floral wire all the way through one end of the ball, to the other, leaving about an inch tail to secure. At the top, add on some small beads to form a loop for hanging. Make your loop, twisting it at the base and inserting the floral wire back through the top of the ornament, and back out the other side, as before, securing a one inch tail on the bottom.

Once you have the loop for hanging your new ornament, you can begin attaching beads with straight pins. Your pins can be silver headed or fancy, according to your preference. You can design patterns, write names, and spell words. You can even combine sequins into your ornaments. Simply place your sequins, add a tiny glass bead on top, and then secure with a pin.

As you decorate the foam ball, it is important to work over the bottom of it where the loop tail is secured, adding extra reinforcement, and also near the top so the loop doesn't pull out easily. For added variation, you can add trims and fabric to your ball.

Fabric Covered Foam Ball Ornament

To make a fabric covered foam ornament, wrap your cloth around the foam ball, leaving a very tiny opening at the top for the loop. Proceed to make your ornament the same way you made the beaded foam ornament, securing the fabric by decorating sections of it with beads and pins. You can even pleat the cloth you use for added texture. You are only limited by your own imagination.

Alternate Shapes for Foam Ornaments

While it's easy enough to purchase foam balls, you are not limited to making circular ornaments with this idea. You may also purchase floral foam that comes in a variety of shapes, including square and rectangles, and make foam ornaments that way. This might be a little more expensive, so if you'd prefer, you can carefully cut ordinary foam balls with a sharp knife, adjusting their size and shape as desired.

Foam ornaments are easy and fun to make on your own or with a group of friends. They are also a great way to prepare for the holidays with family. Kids enjoy designing cool patterns, and everyone has fun interacting with the sound of Christmas carols in the background. Best of all, the ornaments will create lasting memories for years to come.

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  1. Okay, so I'm a little choked up after reading the introduction, Ann. Thank you so much! It's a pleasure sharing this crafty idea on your blog! You're the best, dear friend! :)