Monday, December 22, 2014

Kid's play stove, The beginning AKA Part 1

Sunday, December 14, 2014 is when I discovered this adorable stove on Facebook. My post on that date included Dawanda the German website where the stove was posted. It is sort of like Etsy. I knew I couldn't order from them because chair sizes vary so I decided to create my own. 

This is the picture from their site. 

I knew I wanted to make one but was faced with several issues.

1. I don't have any small children to make it for. I recruited a family with two small girls who could use such a stove. They are two and four years old. First problem solved.

2. The stove needs to be based on the size of the chair. The mother of the two small girls is in the process of getting me the diminutions.

3. What is it made of and what do I need to purchase? This seems pretty straight forward. There are three sides, a top, a back splash and the back piece. The back appears to be one long piece that almost reaches the floor. It has a tie to keep it on the chair but the sides do not seem to be attached as in the picture, the right side is longer than the chair back portion.

I am a competent seamstress. What that means is that I can sew fairly straight seams. Fortunately, this is all that's required. I am also fairly good at applique so I know I can do the burners. What I am finding a little difficult is what materials to use. 

Here's what I have determined so far. Since this is for little girls who are not careful with this kind of stuff, it needs to be durable.  

From the pictures it seems like the white cloth may be bar cloths. They take repeated washing and are pretty sturdy. I will need to go to my local Smart&Final and check out what they have. They are generally good sized so I may luck out and find some I can use without seaming. That depends on the dimensions of the chair. The material might also be flour sack clothes so I am on a mission to touch all the fabric until I find the right one. Looks like I also need seam binding.

There are some great rubber like scrubbers out there that will work for the burners. However, they would need to be soft and not rough. These are little girls. 

The knobs on the stove look like pom-poms that one would make for a quilt. That is not going to work with my little girls so I am searching for another solution. I may just applique a fabric circle. 

I think I have a fairly good handle on what I need to look for. Can't wait for the holidays to be over so I can start of this! Any suggestions?

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