Friday, April 3, 2015

C is for Clothespin Candle Holder

For Christmas, I was looking for an easy, quick, cheap craft for two of my neighbors.

This is the picture from the website Duitang where I first saw this idea (Pinterest, of course). There is writing I don't understand but there are also pictures which makes it so much easier.

While I was shopping, I bought two cans of tuna. I even got them on sale which was even better. We made sandwiches so I had my first empty can. 

I found clothespins at the dollar store and two candles. The candles are not like the ones in the sample picture. These are the little jars with tops. It took no time to place the clothespin and add the candle. 

The candle holder in the sample photo was not decorated and I thought it looked a little plain. I had some ribbon and flowers left over from my last project so I decided to embellish these. My neighbors and they loved them.  

I'm now out of tuna cans. I can see consuming a lot more tuna in the future. These will make great gifts for other occasions and can be decorated for each celebration. 

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  1. I love this idea and think it would make great path candles in the summertime, or romantic candles around Valentine's Day. Such a neat gift idea too. The added embellishments really spruce it up nicely too, Ann :)