Sunday, April 19, 2015

S is for Shrinky Dinks

I needed two gifts for Christmas in a hurry and I was looking for ideas. While I was rumaging through my craft stash, I found the Shrinky Dink paper that I had put away. Terrific idea I thought. So I found letters online and cut them out. I colored pretty flowers on the corners and took them into the kitchen. I pulled out the toaster over and turned it on. After it had warmed up, I put my pretty letters in and watched as they curled into tiny balls that would not straighten out.

Rats! I was running out of time. I decided that I would do 3x5 rectangles to see how they would do. I found two saying for the teen girls and copied them onto the paper. Rushing back to the kitchen, I preheated the toaster oven again and started the process. This was a little better. One did not quite straighten out but it was good enough for a gift. The other one was a lot better.
I had punched holes in them and was pleased the key rings actually fit. The girls loved them.

This is not the first time I have written about this craft. I have a Shrinky Dink page where there is a lot more information. I also found out how to use materials in your home to make your own shrinky paper. What a surprise, I found it on Pinterest.

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