Friday, April 24, 2015

X is for Xray

Ok, this is really a stretch but what can you do with an Xray. Fortunately, we have a couple that lend themselves to a crafty use.

On May 1, 2014, my child broke his leg warming up for a league game. It was a long recovery as he was sidelined for about 5 months. Some physical therapy was required but he was back playing in October.
Back on the mound, pitching. 

We laugh at some idioms but in this case the phrase "tough break" comes to mind. For him, it is a play on words but we now use it when he complains about something. It really means that it is a bit of bad luck. 

I have the Xrays from the first set the doctor took after it was set. They decided not to do surgery to see if the chip would mold itself back to the bone. 

So, next Christmas, the boy will be getting a piece of new wall art. Since this is make ahead, I can't show it on the wall but can share the picture. He never reads my stuff so I know it's safe to post. This will be a subtle (or maybe not so subtle) reminder to play it safe and not complain about the small stuff. 

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